Winner of the American Dream Nursery Giveaway

We had an amazing response to our American Dream Nursery Giveaway from BabyTalk 360, Echelon and Sopora.  We asked you “what it means to be a great parent” and received a plethora of heart-felt responses.  Congratulations to Amy Pugmire, our winner of the giveaway, garnering the most votes for her response.  Take a read!

I never knew how fulfilling life could be until I had my first child! I think two of the most important things you can give your child is; unconditional love and living what you teach! To love your child unconditionally is knowing they WILL make mistakes, but through mutual love and respect, it will be okay.
My father just passed away from cancer and I can say he was nothing short of a GREAT parent! Until the day he died, he was constantly looking for ways to help and serve others—whether it was bringing cupcakes to other chemotherapy patients, opening doors for strangers, or just sharing his big smile! I’ve tried to pass my dad’s amazing example on to my children, because he lived what he taught!

I’m teaching my 4 year old how she can serve her younger sister and brother by helping them clean up or by singing to them. I’ve noticed a huge difference in her mood when she helps and feels involved. Like her “Papa,” she is already learning to be a good example.

Being a great parent means making sure each one of your children feels loved and gets the attention they need. When my youngest daughter was born, my daughter Ava felt very left out and displaced. I tried to help her through this transition by telling her how glad I was that she was the big sister and was such a good helper, and how very much she was loved!

It’s so important to be consistent, listen to, and praise them. Help them feel safe, spend quality time with them and most important, TEACH BY EXAMPLE! I have come to realize that as a parent, I am learning far more than I am teaching—and maybe that’s what makes a great parent?



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