The Neutral Zone

Gender neutral has become a popular category of all things baby these days.  I think more and more new parents are taking the “old route”, bypassing all of our modern technology, and making the decision to find out the gender of their new baby at birth, rather than beforehand.  And, this calls for designers and manufacturers to create offerings specifically for this group of new parents wanting keep the surprise alive.

And, I’m with them all the way!  We decided to go the surprise route too, with our little lady, and I’d do it again in a heartbeat!  I am a planner, and this is the excuse I hear a majority of the time from parents that find out the gender of their baby during pregnancy, but let me tell you, I still planned  and planned, just not in pink or blue.  My take on it: there are very few surprises left in life—why not experience that excitement when that sweet baby officially makes his or her debut into this world.

At Muniré, we take this into consideration, too when we are designing our cribs and nursery furniture and finishes.  Of course, we also offer collections that tend to work well for one gender or the other, but for those that want to keep the surprise alive, there are lots of options.  Finishes in black, espresso, and even white provide a great canvas to accommodate any type of baby bedding and room décor.  And since our furniture is built to grow with your child, these finishes continue to look great in a kid’s room and beyond.

I chose an espresso finish for my nursery furniture, with very simple, neutral bedding that looked great on its own, but when our little lady arrived, it provided the perfect backdrop to add some pink accessories and wall hangings.  And I know that when we transition it to a full size bed, it will be the perfect platform for some cute girly frills, creating the perfect little girl’s room.

We’d love to hear your great gender neutral designing ideas…how did you plan and design your nursery before baby arrived?

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