It's Almost Showtime!

It’s that time of year and we are counting down the hours until the 2011 ABC Kids Expo begins.  This is the biggest trade event we attend on an annual basis, with almost 1000 other exhibitors.  It’s our time to meet with our amazing dealers, gather feedback and share with them all we have to offer for the upcoming year.

Of course, we are still in the midst of setup here at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, but I’ve already been over to the 5000 square foot booth to take a peek, and let me tell you, there are some exciting things coming for 2012.  It kind of makes me want another little one…like right now, so I can build out a beautiful nursery with some of the fabulous new collections we have coming…but, I won’t let envy get the best of me and I’ll bide my time on that one.

So, you might wonder, what it takes to get prepared for an event like this.  Well, speaking from experience, it’s a lot of logistics, details, moving parts and hard work that make it all come together.  This year we assembled all of our collections in our warehouses and shipped them to the show all intact.  It definitely gives us a jump on things by not having to do all the work on the show floor during the limited setup time.  Of course, it took 3 full 52 ft. trucks to get it there, but all well worth it in the end to see all of the collections dressed out and ready to show.

If you’re in for the show, we’d love to see you, so stop by booth #5511.  And if not, be on the lookout for some great things coming to a nearby dealer in 2012—you won’t be disappointed!

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A Crib...for a Lifetime?

If you are just beginning to shop for the perfect nursery furniture, you might be asking yourself, “what is a lifetime (aka 4-in-1 crib), anyway”?  Well, simply put, it’s a crib that converts to toddler bed and then into a full size bed, so that you can use it even after your bambino is no longer a bambino.

I know it’s sometimes hard to think too far ahead when the most immediate thing to be anxious and excited about is meeting that little one for the first time.  BUT, let me tell you, they grow up…and FAST! (trust me!)

So, having a crib that converts to all the stages you need, makes it easy to make one investment, then convert to each stage when you’re ready.

On a personal note, we moved my now 20 month old to her toddler bed when she was 18 months.  It was really simple and she absolutely LOVES being able to crawl into bed (and out) all by herself!  Actually, she was completely giddy over it all, and I’m elated that we never had to experience any type of fall from her trying to climb out of her crib on her own.

Muniré actually designs their cribs as full beds first, since it’s used for a longer period of time in this mode.  Once the design fits our liking, the details on how make it to crib safety standards are next.  There is also special attention given to the footboard, so that when converted, it will not only function as a full bed, but will look beautiful in the room.  So rest assured, when you’re purchasing a Muniré  Lifetime™ 4-in-1 Crib, it will look just as good, if not better as a full-size bed.  And, our sophisticated and stylish designs will literally transform the décor to follow your child from the nursery to college and beyond as an adult guest room.


Our New Baby

We are just thrilled to announce our new baby, the launch of Munire Furniture’s new website.  Much like the anticipation of a new baby, you know the many hours of hard work, detail and waiting that goes into a project like this, and how exciting it is to see the end result.  Woo Hoo!

For over 25 years, we have dedicated ourselves to providing superior quality children’s bedroom furniture at an affordable price.  We have served our customers well with this philosophy and have become leaders in the juvenile furniture industry.  But, we wanted to take it a step further and ensure our customers are able to get the information and products they need to create the perfect nursery for their little one.  So, with the enhancements we have made, we are able to do just that and continue our leadership role in the juvenile furniture industry.

Customers can now purchase their nursery furnishings through our website and pick up at a local dealer, or have it shipped directly to their home if there is not a dealer within their market.  So, really, it’s all the components you need to create that perfect nursery space, right at your fingertips.

Oh, and did I mention we’ve gone social, too?  Well obviously, you’re reading about our new site right here on the Nursery Chatter blog, but we’re on Facebook and Twitter too.  C’mon, follow us and join the chatter (because we know you’re proud of that adorable nursery and we want to see and hear about it)!

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