Sleep Accessories to Change Your Perception of Baby Gear

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We talk a lot about crib mattresses; after all, we’re a crib mattress company. But we do so much more. In fact, our sleep accessories have been getting quite a bit of attention lately—even a Mom’s Choice Award! Let me tell you about some of them.

Sopora O2 Collection Mattress liners:
For generations people have been using liners as a layer between their baby’s mattress and the crib sheet. Liners soak up wetness, are easy to change when messy, and are quick to wash. At Sopora, we’ve taken the traditional liner and combined it with Celliant®. As you may recall from our first article about Celliant®, Celliant® is a blend of 13 natural minerals that improves your circulation by absorbing the excess infared LIGHT the body releases, the result is increased oxygen levels in your body. The result is increased oxygen in your blood and surface tissue. For the littlest in your family, our cradle/bassinet liners serve to provide better periods of longer sleep. For your older children in twins and fulls, our liners do this AND improve physical performance: your little athletes will feel less fatigue, experience increased endurance, have faster muscle recovery, and experience less soreness. Celliant® has been clinically proven to offer these benefits, and you can only find Celliant® in the junvenile market from Sopora. Outgrowing that bassinet? Take your Celliant® liner with you, they can be used anywhere–in the bed, in the car seat, at Grandma’s or wherever you might be traveling, changing diapers or putting baby down for a nap. (Oh yeah, and you can just toss them in the washer/dryer time and time again and they are good as new!).

Sopora O2 Collection Swaddle blankets:
Again, used for generations to keep newborns feeling cozy and protected as they adjust to life outside the womb, swaddle blankets can be used anywhere at any time. Sopora’s swaddle blankets are a combination of incredibly soft natural bamboo and Celliant® to provide a luxurious, washable cozy swaddle for your baby with the side benefit of helping to regulate body temperature, increase and improve sleep duration and quality, and ease any soreness. When baby outgrows their swaddle, our plush fabric will keep delighting them as their favorite carry-along blankie for years to come!

Sopora Nursery Essentials Naturals Collection Organic Cotton Mattress Cover:
Some moms want a cover for their mattress to help keep it clean. And while you certainly don’t need one with a Sopora mattress, if you feel more comfortable using one, we’ve got the ideal solution. Our mattress cover is made of 100% natural, domestically grown organic cotton. It is pure, soft, and beautiful—really, it is even fully fashioned to cover all the edges like a sheet so that you can use it as a top layer if you’d like. But the really cool thing, is that is it waterproof, too. So give your baby the benefits or organic cotton, protect your mattress with a waterproof backing and toss the whole thing in the wash whenever you want to. Moms loved this product so much—we just won the Mom’s Choice Award for it. Even better? You can layer it over a Celliant® liner and give your child the best combination that science and nature have to offer!

At Sopora, we’re moms ourselves. So we’re always looking to find new ways of improving products to fit the ever changing needs in our busy lives and the lives of our children. That is the inspiration for everything we do. If you have a suggestion for us on how we can improve your child’s sleep—let us hear it!


Wow! What a month it has been at Sopora!

Here is a little insight into the baby biz that you might find interesting…each fall there is a giant industry tradeshow for baby stuff. It is filled with thousands of buyers looking to find the latest and greatest products to stock their baby specialty stores in hopes that you will find something you love next time you go shopping. Exhibitors—the makers of all the stuff you buy for your baby—likewise come to the show in hopes that it will be their products (our products) that the store owners just can’t live without.

From exquisite American made, hand finished cribs and furniture for the nursery (courtesy of Echelon) to the latest car seats and strollers, from adorable little hand knit eco socks and cute toys to diaper bags fit for everyone from the girliest of your girlfriends to the most macho of daddies, it is all there in one place. It is a little overwhelming and pretty amazing. And honestly, if you were pregnant and attending this show for the first time your eyes might actually pop out of your head with everything there is to see.

In fact, it takes days to walk the show floor and see everything that is available, but there are a few ways buyers get help.

First, the producers of the All Baby & Child Expo host a “New Product Showcase” of items. These items are selected by an expert panel of judges. The chosen products are protected at the show by guards who only let in the media and buyers and being selected to be in this showcase is an honor. At Sopora, we are proud to say that our Perfect crib mattress—the one we’ve told you about here–was a winner.

Next, a group called the Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association hosts a Most Innovative award and, again, the Sopora Perfect was one of the products selected and displayed.

Store owners came to our booth to see what all the excitement is about and we hope that this means that you will soon be able to buy the Sopora Perfect crib mattress in your favorite specialty store. Give them a call and come see for yourself what all the buzz is about!

All the buzz is exactly where I’m headed next…Creative Child magazine just awarded our mattresses with a Preferred Choice Award. Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine called Sopora mattresses one of their Favorite Things in their Fall 2012 Buyers Guide! And, to top it off, a Sopora Perfect and our Nursery Essentials were given away on the #1 game show on television: The Price is Right (they did a baby shower episode!).

It has been a big month for Sopora. How do we top it? Have I told you about all of our cool new products? Read next time as I unveil our Sopora O2 Collection of products—you’ll be amazed!

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Have you heard of Celliant®? Here is what you really want to know.

First, a little science. When astronauts are on the international space station, they experience gravity, light, and atmospheric pressure in an entirely different way than when they are walking around Earth like the rest of us. That makes sense—after all, if you spend your day floating around, you are bound to experience life a little differently.

One of the jobs of scientists is keeping those space explorers healthy. That is why NASA invented a performance fiber that came to be known as Celliant®. Celliant® is a blend of 13 natural minerals that, based on ancient wellness processes, interact with the body to actually change the performance of our biology.

Celliant® uses your excess body heat (expressed as infrared light), and through specially designed clothing, recycles it into a form of light/energy that your body will reabsorb. This recycling process helps increase circulation by re-harnessing the body’s energy, which results in, improved (higher) oxygen levels from your skin to your arterial level.

Depending on whom you are and what you do, you care about this discovery for different reasons. Reebok™, Saucony™ and IronMan™ use this technology to improve performance in top athletes: they feel less fatigue, experience increased endurance, have faster muscle recovery, and experience less soreness. Healthcare centers use Celliant® to help diabetic patients improve circulation in their limbs or to increase the rate of tissue growth in burn units.

Sopora uses Celliant® in our sleep products because the fiber has been clinically proven to improve sleep quality. Increased circulation results in more oxygen in the blood which results in deeper, calmer rest. It also results in improved temperature control. So, when you add a performance fiber to your crib, you are offering your child (and yourself) better sleep every day and every night. And let’s face it, a happy, well rested child equals a happy, well rested mommy.

Sound amazing? It is. And what’s more, our Celliant® fabric crib mattresses are available to you right now from our Sopora retail partners. And arriving in stores soon, you’ll find Celliant® products for your child no matter what their age: from crib mattresses, to liners for bassinet/cradles, twins and fulls; from swaddle blankets to toddler pillows, our Sopora O2 Collection is filled with cool technology to help your child sleep longer, better. Visit one of our stores today to see our amazing crib mattresses for yourself, and get ready to meet the rest of the O2 Collection coming this winter!

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Introducing a whole new vision in crib mattresses: the Sopora Perfect

When you say the words, “crib mattress,” people can easily bring an image to mind. It is probably a crunchy vinyl mattress with rolled/taped edges and some non-distinct floral pattern. It isn’t surprising; we’ve all grown up sleeping on mattresses just like that. But just because something ‘has always been that way,” doesn’t mean it is the right way. Remember when seat belts came out?

Well, the women at Sopora are boldly breaking away from traditional crib mattresses and are combining the best of natural materials, scientific research and testing, and heavy doses of mother’s intuition to create something so ground breaking that it completely redefines the crib mattress market. That product is the Sopora Perfect.

Unlike anything you’ve ever seen in a crib mattress before, the Perfect is the healthiest sleep system available for your baby today. Only the Sopora Perfect offers three exclusive features unmatched anywhere else in the market:

• CoolGel visco foam toddler side improves temperature regulation
• Celliant® cover, clinically proven to increase oxygen levels in the body for longer periods of restful sleep
• Air Channel technology to improve oxygen flow and pressure point reduction

In fact, once you’ve seen the Perfect, you’ll never think about crib mattresses in quite the same way again. So visit your Sopora retailer or to learn more today about the Perfect. You’ll be glad you did, and so will your child!
• Innovative with Celliant® biologically responsive cover fabric for optimum health
• Technologically advanced with CoolGel foam to regulate body temperature
• Smart with BabysBreath air foam technology to provide optimum air circulation
• Hypoallergenic with Medical grade, 100% renewable plant based eco-friendly foam
• Safe with a naturally fire inherent barrier so comfortable, race car drivers wear it under their helmets
• All of this packaged neatly in a smooth, luxurious mattress that provides optimum support while being made in the USA with a lifetime warranty

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The Importance of Being a Mom

Sopora is mother created and mother operated. That might sound like a small thing, but to us, it goes to the very heart of why we are in business: we make mattresses for children—our children and yours. Our kids sleep on these products, too. For that reason alone, they have to be great. After all, our little loved ones are the test market for your little loved ones.
This Mother’s Day we are especially honored to have joined forces with Munire Furniture and Echelon—two companies likewise devoted to creating safe, beautiful, quality furniture to make our children’s lives more beautiful, more comfortable, and more durable. This is a happy union and we have been very blessed to be among friends.
One result of our merger to date, has been a fantastic contest where we gave away an American Dream Nursery, $3,500 value. You heard about it, you may even have voted, but we wanted to stop and take a minute to relive some of the wise words our contestants entered about what it means to be a great mom in honor of the big holiday!
So, without further ado, in honor of Mother’s Day, please read on to be inspired by some of our contest entrants, and some folks who weren’t, to remember the importance of being a great parent, a great mom—like we all strive to be each and every day.

• “Great parents preside over their families in love and righteousness, nurture their children, and responsibly provide the necessities of life and protection for their families.” — Josefina Miller, contestant

• “I never knew how fulfilling life could be until I had my first child! I think two of the most important things you can give your child [are]; unconditional love and living what you teach! … I have come to realize that as a parent, I am learning far more than I am teaching—and maybe that’s what makes a great parent.” –Amy Pugmire, contestant

• “Not [being] afraid to admit mistakes, great parents will say ‘I was wrong,’ ‘I’m sorry,’ and ‘Please forgive me.’ This shows the child vulnerability, teaches forgiveness, and plants the seeds of empathy.’– Katie Christianson, contestant

• “A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie.”– Tenneva Jordan

• “Most mothers are instinctive philosophers.” –Harriet Beecher Stowe

• “The heart of a mother is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness.” Honore de Balzac

And finally, remember that “behind every successful woman……is a basket of dirty laundry”—author unknown (or hiding!) Revel in your motherhood this holiday and wear that macaroni necklace proudly, after all, nothing is sweeter than a gift truly given from their happy little hearts (or their sticky little hands!) Happy Mother’s Day everyone from all of us at Sopora, Echelon, Munire Furniture and Nursery Chatter!

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Celebrate Earth Day Like a Child!

Kids are naturally drawn to natural science and the environment.  In honor of Earth Day, consider celebrating the planet with your little one.  Here are some great kid-oriented projects to put you in the mood from the Earth Day guide

  • Create a papier-mâché globe.  What kid doesn’t like getting a little dirty and have something lasting to show for it.  Consider highlighting your home or places you’ve been, or where your child’s favorite animals come from.
  • Make recycled animal sculptures from egg cartons or craft sticks—or use clay or sculpty-dough!
  • Visit your local zoo, aquarium or botanical gardens or even your yard.  Be sure to look low for the bugs kids love and up high for the birds and clouds in the air.  Even a walk around your neighborhood can be an educational outing exploring nature: talk about recycling, lawn care, even types of plants or trees.
  • Color a picture or read a book about the environment (Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax, for example!)
  • Or consider planting a tree, seed or flower.  Even the smallest child can plant a petunia!  Just be sure not to let them put the flowers in their mouths.

Children love nature.  They are forever curious about animals, rain, stars, and everything that blooms and doesn’t.  This Earth Day, or all year ‘round, take a moment to help your children understand their importance to the world and how what they do, and what all of us can do, affects the world in very real ways.

And be a good example for them.  As we can all attest, when a child starts to speak, their first words are mimics of our own.  So be a good steward for Planet Earth.  From recycling to shopping smart, your actions can help set the stage for an environmentally-conscious child.

Sopora Sleep Products, Inc., a division of Muniré Furniture, shares your concern about the health of our planet.  Our mattresses are made primarily with plant-based eco-friendly foam.  The production process of this material actually has a positive carbon footprint—meaning it is good for the environment instead of being a detriment.  This eco-friendly foam is 100% renewable and meets medical standards for support and hypoallergenic properties.  Further, Sopora products are free of harmful chemicals and off-gassing that can pose a hazard to your children.  One more benefit?  Sopora mattresses are made in America meeting environmental production standards and requiring less shipping, and therefore creating less of an environmental burden on Mother Earth.

Celebrate Earth Day in style this year.  You can be sure that all of us at Sopora will be digging in the dirt with our kids or will be sharing the fun as we’re up to our elbows in gunk right along with you.  After all, we’re moms, too!

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Our New Nest

We are over the moon about our new Nursery Chatter space and are thrilled to be unveiling it to you.  It’s just a little taste of what’s to come and we’re glad you’re here to join us!  We’d love to hear from you….tell us what you think about the new blog space and if there’s anything you’d like to learn more about so we can be sure to cover it.

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Dealer Spotlight: Baby's & Kid's 1st Furniture

We recently caught up with Yvette Muller from Baby’s & Kid’s 1st Furniture in Houston, TX and are thrilled to feature them today in our Dealer Spotlight.


They have 4 locations in the Houston area:


16445 North Freeway

Houston, TX 77090


 Galleria Area

5575 Richmond

Houston, TX 77056


West University

5310 Kirby Suite 101

Houston, TX 77005


Sugar Land

2711 Towne Center Blvd

Sugar Land, TX 77479

Moving 2/1/12 to:

15890 Southwest Freeway Suite 400

Sugar Land, TX 77478


What makes your store unique?

Baby’s & Kid’s 1st Furniture stores offer way more than furniture.  We sell concepts, dreams, and safety.

Our store is set up in room vignettes that offer ideas, not only with furniture but  room accessories and décor.  The picture that the Muniré Savannah or Majestic collections paint for the customers can easily be transformed into their own nursery.


The Savannah Collection in Linen—perfect for that little lady!

The Majestic Collection in Espresso featuring the full panel crib.

Safety is always of utmost importance at Baby’s 1st.   We have certified car seat technicians to teach car seat safety & installation, and offer classes in Infant CPR & Baby 101.   We have a saying,

 “If we wouldn’t spend our own money on it, or put our own baby in it, we don’t carry it.”

 We have flourished for 24 years by listening to our customers, and providing the products and services they want.

What brought you to this business?

Our store developed out of a need 24 years ago to find affordable quality baby products when we were expecting son #3.  A year later son #4 arrived, and it was sealed.  With 4 boys from an infant to 10 years of age, our home based business took wings and developed over the years to 4 stores in the Houston metropolitan area and an 18,000 sq foot distribution center.  We have evolved over the years, and in addition to the great products we carry, our success is based on our staff.  You can have great products on the floor that will just sit there without the education and guidance of a caring service oriented sales staff.  Focused on safety and education, we provide a warm environment for shoppers. And we are happy to say that one of our sons has joined us in the business, so we look forward to continuing to grow our business for many more years.

What do you enjoy most about the juvenile industry?

We really enjoy networking with others who have similar stores to ours from all over the country -others who share our vision and passion.  We feel it is so important to give customers the opportunity to be educated, and to share in one of the most important days of their lives.  We learn continually from our manufacturers, other retailers and of course our customers.

 They’re also a great supporter of the new Sopora line.

So, if you’re in the area, pay them a visit…they are experts on all the necessities (and luxuries) for creating that perfect nursery!

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Dealer Spotlight: Georgia Baby

Today in our Dealer Spotlight, we are featuring our friends at Georgia Baby.


6248 Dawson Blvd  

Norcross, GA 30093
(770) 448-2455

(Atlanta Area)

Georgia Baby was founded by Kent Smith in 1990, with Bob Robinson joined the company in 1999.

Georgia Baby has held a dominate position in the greater Atlanta market due to aggressive advertising, superior store merchandising and superior high quality staff. (this means you will be talking to the experts on all things baby!)  In addition, the company has always represented the highest quality product lines at an affordable price.

 “What we’ve enjoyed most is the design aspect of the baby furniture industry.  Our goal has always been to accessorize and stage furniture so that it’s irresistible.  This allows our customers to see wonderful possibilities and open their imagination to their nursery’s potential.”—Kent Smith

 And Georgia Baby does just that!  Take a look at some of our collections beautifully staged for your shopping delight!

The oh-so-popular Muniré Majestic Collection in Espresso featuring the flat top, curve top, and full panel flat top cribs.

And here’s the first look at the all new Echelon Sonoma Collection in Driftwood.  We are in love with this finish!  Made in the USA of North American Maplewood.

And finally, a great look at Sopora: bringing deep sleep to the babies of the Greater Atlanta area!

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Babies Sleep Better on a Sopora

Jessica, from Sopora’s marketing team is back to share an in depth look at why it’s so important to consider the type of crib mattress you buy for your nursery.

Mattresses aren’t a glamorous topic.  When we’re first pregnant and begin planning our nurseries, we are so excited about picking out the colors, the style, the wood tones and bedding–that mattresses probably never even enter our heads.  This phase of planning is romantic and filled with dreams of how the room will affect our tiny blessing.  Then as the pregnancy progresses, we start buying the gear: strollers, high chairs, car seats.  This phase is filled with research and technology and we stress over how not having a particular feature might keep junior out of that perfect ivy league college. Finally, when our bodies are huge, we start looking at tiny clothes, first toys, even the cutest diapers we’ve ever seen. We organize.  We plan.  We measure.  But did we even consider the mattress or did we just buy the one that ‘came’ with the crib? 

A crib mattress may be the only item in your nursery that actually has more actual physical contact with your baby than you!  Think about it.  Infants spend the majority of their very first weeks sleeping.  Sleeping in your arms.  Sleeping in the car.  Sleeping in their crib, cradle or bassinet.  And while eventually they start getting more active during the day, for the first two years of their young lives–half (or more) of their hours will be spent sleeping on their mattress.  Shouldn’t you make this purchase with eyes wide open?  Or at least think about it for the same amount of time you spent laboring over the perfect paint or fabric swatch? 

One reason mattresses may be overlooked is that, quite honestly, it is a little overwhelming to make a sound decision.  All organic or Medically Approved? Innerspring or Foam?  Something traditional like your mother may have used or a more modern approach?  Once you start peeling away the layers, there is a lot to learn. 

In Latin, the word Sopora means bringing deep sleep, and that is the goal of Sopora.  Bringing deep sleep for babies and their parents.

In the next installment, we’ll begin detailing what exactly makes a Sopora mattress and why they are simply incredible.  But to convince you to check them out now, consider this: Sopora mattresses are ergonomically designed, smart, and innovative.  They support where they should.  They protect as they must.  And they clean like a dream.  Made in the USA of environmentally healthy products, they are the ideal mix of innovative engineering and industry leading safety standards.

Learn more by visiting our website today.  And if you really want the scoop, talk to your speciality store, call Sopora, or even our Chief Operating Officer, Terri, herself.  You’ll be amazed at what you don’t know about mattresses–and what that could mean for your child!

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