Our Nursery Planner is LIVE...Inspire Us!

We all go through it.  Creating that mental picture in your head of the perfect nursery or even seeing inspiration from another source that you want to duplicate.  Regardless, it’s usually helpful to actually have the room dimensions sketched out to see if the space will allow for the dreams you have.  Well, we have the perfect tool to do just that!

Our room planner lets you create a plan specific to your own room dimensions, whatever they may be and then fill it with our own nursery collections.  What’s even better is it gives you a whole slew of symbols like chairs and ottomans, rugs, lighting, and windows so that you can truly create an exact replica of the space you are designing.

It’s as easy as clicking on a symbol or piece of furniture and dragging it into your room, then moving it exactly where you want it.  And our room planner is built just for the Muniré nursery, so you can plan your room to perfection with any of our collections without having to measure any of our furniture.

So, get to planning, and we’d love for you to share them with us on Facebook for all to use for inspiration!

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