Sleep Accessories to Change Your Perception of Baby Gear

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We talk a lot about crib mattresses; after all, we’re a crib mattress company. But we do so much more. In fact, our sleep accessories have been getting quite a bit of attention lately—even a Mom’s Choice Award! Let me tell you about some of them.

Sopora O2 Collection Mattress liners:
For generations people have been using liners as a layer between their baby’s mattress and the crib sheet. Liners soak up wetness, are easy to change when messy, and are quick to wash. At Sopora, we’ve taken the traditional liner and combined it with Celliant®. As you may recall from our first article about Celliant®, Celliant® is a blend of 13 natural minerals that improves your circulation by absorbing the excess infared LIGHT the body releases, the result is increased oxygen levels in your body. The result is increased oxygen in your blood and surface tissue. For the littlest in your family, our cradle/bassinet liners serve to provide better periods of longer sleep. For your older children in twins and fulls, our liners do this AND improve physical performance: your little athletes will feel less fatigue, experience increased endurance, have faster muscle recovery, and experience less soreness. Celliant® has been clinically proven to offer these benefits, and you can only find Celliant® in the junvenile market from Sopora. Outgrowing that bassinet? Take your Celliant® liner with you, they can be used anywhere–in the bed, in the car seat, at Grandma’s or wherever you might be traveling, changing diapers or putting baby down for a nap. (Oh yeah, and you can just toss them in the washer/dryer time and time again and they are good as new!).

Sopora O2 Collection Swaddle blankets:
Again, used for generations to keep newborns feeling cozy and protected as they adjust to life outside the womb, swaddle blankets can be used anywhere at any time. Sopora’s swaddle blankets are a combination of incredibly soft natural bamboo and Celliant® to provide a luxurious, washable cozy swaddle for your baby with the side benefit of helping to regulate body temperature, increase and improve sleep duration and quality, and ease any soreness. When baby outgrows their swaddle, our plush fabric will keep delighting them as their favorite carry-along blankie for years to come!

Sopora Nursery Essentials Naturals Collection Organic Cotton Mattress Cover:
Some moms want a cover for their mattress to help keep it clean. And while you certainly don’t need one with a Sopora mattress, if you feel more comfortable using one, we’ve got the ideal solution. Our mattress cover is made of 100% natural, domestically grown organic cotton. It is pure, soft, and beautiful—really, it is even fully fashioned to cover all the edges like a sheet so that you can use it as a top layer if you’d like. But the really cool thing, is that is it waterproof, too. So give your baby the benefits or organic cotton, protect your mattress with a waterproof backing and toss the whole thing in the wash whenever you want to. Moms loved this product so much—we just won the Mom’s Choice Award for it. Even better? You can layer it over a Celliant® liner and give your child the best combination that science and nature have to offer!

At Sopora, we’re moms ourselves. So we’re always looking to find new ways of improving products to fit the ever changing needs in our busy lives and the lives of our children. That is the inspiration for everything we do. If you have a suggestion for us on how we can improve your child’s sleep—let us hear it!


Wow! What a month it has been at Sopora!

Here is a little insight into the baby biz that you might find interesting…each fall there is a giant industry tradeshow for baby stuff. It is filled with thousands of buyers looking to find the latest and greatest products to stock their baby specialty stores in hopes that you will find something you love next time you go shopping. Exhibitors—the makers of all the stuff you buy for your baby—likewise come to the show in hopes that it will be their products (our products) that the store owners just can’t live without.

From exquisite American made, hand finished cribs and furniture for the nursery (courtesy of Echelon) to the latest car seats and strollers, from adorable little hand knit eco socks and cute toys to diaper bags fit for everyone from the girliest of your girlfriends to the most macho of daddies, it is all there in one place. It is a little overwhelming and pretty amazing. And honestly, if you were pregnant and attending this show for the first time your eyes might actually pop out of your head with everything there is to see.

In fact, it takes days to walk the show floor and see everything that is available, but there are a few ways buyers get help.

First, the producers of the All Baby & Child Expo host a “New Product Showcase” of items. These items are selected by an expert panel of judges. The chosen products are protected at the show by guards who only let in the media and buyers and being selected to be in this showcase is an honor. At Sopora, we are proud to say that our Perfect crib mattress—the one we’ve told you about here–was a winner.

Next, a group called the Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association hosts a Most Innovative award and, again, the Sopora Perfect was one of the products selected and displayed.

Store owners came to our booth to see what all the excitement is about and we hope that this means that you will soon be able to buy the Sopora Perfect crib mattress in your favorite specialty store. Give them a call and come see for yourself what all the buzz is about!

All the buzz is exactly where I’m headed next…Creative Child magazine just awarded our mattresses with a Preferred Choice Award. Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine called Sopora mattresses one of their Favorite Things in their Fall 2012 Buyers Guide! And, to top it off, a Sopora Perfect and our Nursery Essentials were given away on the #1 game show on television: The Price is Right (they did a baby shower episode!).

It has been a big month for Sopora. How do we top it? Have I told you about all of our cool new products? Read next time as I unveil our Sopora O2 Collection of products—you’ll be amazed!

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Have you heard of Celliant®? Here is what you really want to know.

First, a little science. When astronauts are on the international space station, they experience gravity, light, and atmospheric pressure in an entirely different way than when they are walking around Earth like the rest of us. That makes sense—after all, if you spend your day floating around, you are bound to experience life a little differently.

One of the jobs of scientists is keeping those space explorers healthy. That is why NASA invented a performance fiber that came to be known as Celliant®. Celliant® is a blend of 13 natural minerals that, based on ancient wellness processes, interact with the body to actually change the performance of our biology.

Celliant® uses your excess body heat (expressed as infrared light), and through specially designed clothing, recycles it into a form of light/energy that your body will reabsorb. This recycling process helps increase circulation by re-harnessing the body’s energy, which results in, improved (higher) oxygen levels from your skin to your arterial level.

Depending on whom you are and what you do, you care about this discovery for different reasons. Reebok™, Saucony™ and IronMan™ use this technology to improve performance in top athletes: they feel less fatigue, experience increased endurance, have faster muscle recovery, and experience less soreness. Healthcare centers use Celliant® to help diabetic patients improve circulation in their limbs or to increase the rate of tissue growth in burn units.

Sopora uses Celliant® in our sleep products because the fiber has been clinically proven to improve sleep quality. Increased circulation results in more oxygen in the blood which results in deeper, calmer rest. It also results in improved temperature control. So, when you add a performance fiber to your crib, you are offering your child (and yourself) better sleep every day and every night. And let’s face it, a happy, well rested child equals a happy, well rested mommy.

Sound amazing? It is. And what’s more, our Celliant® fabric crib mattresses are available to you right now from our Sopora retail partners. And arriving in stores soon, you’ll find Celliant® products for your child no matter what their age: from crib mattresses, to liners for bassinet/cradles, twins and fulls; from swaddle blankets to toddler pillows, our Sopora O2 Collection is filled with cool technology to help your child sleep longer, better. Visit one of our stores today to see our amazing crib mattresses for yourself, and get ready to meet the rest of the O2 Collection coming this winter!

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Six Steps to Selecting the Best Crib Mattress

We get asked all the time about what our advice is for buying the best crib mattress, here are a few guidelines to help you put your baby to sleep in comfort each and every night. 6 Steps to Selecting the Best Crib Mattress…

After selecting the perfect bed, bedding, wall color and décor, taking the time to learn all about mattresses seams exhausting. But be careful—mattress selection is more important than you think. Newborns may sleep up to 18 hours a day on this purchase. Nothing will have closer, longer, more direct contact with your child than you! Take a deep breath, trust your instincts, ask a lot of questions and prepare to buy that new mattress.

For those of you that want some more advice? Here are our six tips to selecting a mattress that is safe, comfortable, and healthy.

1. Proper Fit. You don’t want more than the width of one finger between your crib mattress and the crib walls. Mattresses with squared corners and edges promote the tightest fit and hold your sheets tightly.

2. Promote safety. Premium mattresses have firm side rails, or edges, that help encourage babies to sleep in the center of the mattress where there is the best ventilation and least danger from crib walls. They are also designed with oxygen promoting or air circulation properties to further reduce any potential problems.

3. Consider Health. Babies spend a lot of time in their cribs. Look for mattresses that help keep this environment healthy. Select a mattress that is anti-allergen, anti-microbial, anti-dust mite, anti-bed bug and remains hygienically clean. Look for a mattress that seals out impurities and leaks. Also look at certifications and independent testing. Independent testing agencies, like GreenGuard Children and Schools testing for indoor air quality, Certi-PUR US testing for indoor emissions, and Intertek testing to rule out harmful chemicals like lead, PVC, and phthalates, among other things, all help to protect your child’s sleep environment.

4. Cleanliness. Consider how your mattress will stand up to those little accidents. Needle holes along edges where decorative cording, or taping, is sewn allows liquids to seep into your mattress becoming a haven for germs and bacteria. Heat sealed seams melt two pieces of material together making the seams one of the weakest parts of the mattress. The best mattresses have welded seams that are closed ultrasonically keeping germs, bacteria, and dust mites out and maintaining the strength of the seam.

5. Durability. Your mattress could be your child’s constant companion for three years or more. Select a product that will meet the challenge. Look for premium ticking (the fabric that covers the mattress), a lifetime warrantee, and good construction. Consider performance fabrics that improve a child’s physical well being and oxygenation, or that regulate body temperature. And let your senses be your guide—if it doesn’t feel nice under your hand, do you really want it under your sleeping child with nothing but a sheet in between.

6. Comfort. Make the crib comfortable. A good mattress offers dual levels of comfort for increased performance at all ages of their development. An extra firm side for infants and a firm side for toddlers. Premium mattresses even come with viscoelastic foam or CoolGel visco foam for spinal alignment, pressure point reduction, and temperature control . The ticking, too, should be soft and supple and conform to your child’s body, not resist it creating sore spots or flattened areas. A crib mattress should be firm, but it doesn’t have to feel like a piece of hard plastic. Test it out yourself—put the mattress on the showroom floor and lay on it. If you don’t like how it feels, neither will your child. Sound crazy? It isn’t—we do it all the time. Sometimes you just have to try something out.

High Standards? They are. But the safety and health of your baby depends on it.

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Introducing a whole new vision in crib mattresses: the Sopora Perfect

When you say the words, “crib mattress,” people can easily bring an image to mind. It is probably a crunchy vinyl mattress with rolled/taped edges and some non-distinct floral pattern. It isn’t surprising; we’ve all grown up sleeping on mattresses just like that. But just because something ‘has always been that way,” doesn’t mean it is the right way. Remember when seat belts came out?

Well, the women at Sopora are boldly breaking away from traditional crib mattresses and are combining the best of natural materials, scientific research and testing, and heavy doses of mother’s intuition to create something so ground breaking that it completely redefines the crib mattress market. That product is the Sopora Perfect.

Unlike anything you’ve ever seen in a crib mattress before, the Perfect is the healthiest sleep system available for your baby today. Only the Sopora Perfect offers three exclusive features unmatched anywhere else in the market:

• CoolGel visco foam toddler side improves temperature regulation
• Celliant® cover, clinically proven to increase oxygen levels in the body for longer periods of restful sleep
• Air Channel technology to improve oxygen flow and pressure point reduction

In fact, once you’ve seen the Perfect, you’ll never think about crib mattresses in quite the same way again. So visit your Sopora retailer or to learn more today about the Perfect. You’ll be glad you did, and so will your child!
• Innovative with Celliant® biologically responsive cover fabric for optimum health
• Technologically advanced with CoolGel foam to regulate body temperature
• Smart with BabysBreath air foam technology to provide optimum air circulation
• Hypoallergenic with Medical grade, 100% renewable plant based eco-friendly foam
• Safe with a naturally fire inherent barrier so comfortable, race car drivers wear it under their helmets
• All of this packaged neatly in a smooth, luxurious mattress that provides optimum support while being made in the USA with a lifetime warranty

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Project Nursery Giveaway

If you’re in the midst of planning a nursery, chances are you’re familiar with the ever popular Project Nursery.  They are an AMAZING resource of nursery design inspiration and are always presenting the the freshest decorating ideas!

Well, we are thrilled to have teamed up with them to bring their readers an AWESOME giveaway, perfect for any nursery–the Munire Full Panel Majestic crib and the Sopora Perfect Mattress.

Head on over, take a peek, and enter to win!




We Celebrate YOU!

Whether you are already buried knee deep in toys with your kids or obsessively nesting as you prepare for your new arrival, we celebrate YOU and all you do for your family.  Enjoy this special holiday dedicated to you!

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American Dream Nursery Giveaway

Want a chance to win a $3,500 prize package  from Sopora and Echelon? Then, enter our American Dream Nursery Giveaway today and you could win on April 22nd, 2012.

Winners will be announced on the BabyTalk 360 Program on April 22, 2012.

In honor of moms and dads everywhere, tell us why you will be a great parent or what being a great parent means to you and you’ll be entered in our dream nursery giveaway.


Working in conjunction with BabyTalk 360 one lucky winner will receive the beautiful Cambridge Collection Suite: Crib, Double Dresser and Hutch from Echelon .  This elegant collection is made in the USA and offers a high quality modern Bordeaux finish–perfect for any nursery.

To make this dream complete, Sopora  is offering their finest crib mattress: the Ultimate.  This six inch deep, dual sleep surface mattress features medical grade, eco-friendly foams including an Open Flow Visco foam on the toddler side.  Unique features like flat Baby Safe seams, Quality (non-plastic) ticking, and fireproof, waterproof, bed bug proof, even dust mite proof design make this the perfect complement to your new furniture. The winner will also receive Sopora’s organic cotton crib mattress cover, our contoured changing table pad, and premium changing pad cover.

How can you enter to win?  Follow these three simple steps.

1) “Like” us on Facebook:

Follow these links to like each of our contest partners and “Like” us today.  You must like all pages for entry.

2) Tell us in 300 words or less, “What it means to be a great parent”.  Or, if you’re nominating someone you love, “Why they will be a great parent.”  Post your entries here in the comments section or email them to

3) Visit the Nursery Chatter blog again beginning April 15th to see if your entry was chosen by our partners.  If it was, invite all of your friends and family to vote like crazy.  The entry with the most votes by Midnight on April 21st, 2012 will win the Dream Nursery Giveaway package!

The rules:

1)      All entries must be received by midnight EST on 4/14/2012.

2)      All entries will be reviewed by the marketing partners of this giveaway and six will be selected for voting beginning 4/15/2012.

3)      Voting will begin on 4/15/2012 at noon, EST.

4)      Votes will be restricted to two votes per IP address per day during the voting period.

5)      The entry receiving the most votes by midnight EST on 4/21/2012 will win the complete Dream Nursery Giveaway package. In case of tie, marketing partners will select one winner.

6)      All nominated parents or entrants must be over 18 years of age by April 22nd, 2012.

7)      All entrants or nominated parents must reside in the United States or Canada.

8)      All essays, whether selected for voting or not, become the property of Nursery Chatter and may be used in marketing materials or future promotions.

9)      Winner will be required to pay any applicable taxes.

10)   Prize will be shipped to the closest Echelon authorized dealer to winner’s address.  Winner will be responsible for transport from that pickup location.

11)   Winner will be required to submit a photo and name for publicity use.

12)   No cash value