Metallic Nursery - Wyndham Collection

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Beyond the Crib

If you’re expecting your first child, chances are you in the midst of tossing around nursery ideas and exactly what you want that space to be like for your little one.  You are probably not thinking beyond the next several months when you bring that beautiful bundle of joy into the world, but you should.

While shopping for the perfect nursery furniture, you should consider making a purchase that can provide you with longevity.  Because, let’s face it, our little ones grow up, and fast!  Just think, as much fun as you are having designing that perfect nursery now, you will have just as much fun in a few years creating the ultimate big kid room, and eventually turning that space into a guest room once little bambino is all grown up and off to college.

Muniré and Echelon cribs are designed with this exact situation in mind.  Our lifetime cribs are designed as a full bed first, and then we adapt them into beautiful cribs.  High-back headboards and detailed footboards make it hard to imagine a converted full bed was ever a crib—because let’s face it, furniture is an investment, and you want to make it worthwhile.

So, to show you exactly what we mean, and how you can transform a crib into a beautifully styled big kid or guest room, take a peek at these rooms using Muniré and Echelon Collections.

Muniré Capri Collection in Espresso

Muniré Park Avenue Collection in Cherry

Echelon Sonoma Collection in Bordeaux

Echelon Sonoma Collection in Driftwood


Parents, tell us what you think.  Do you see the benefits of lifetime cribs and premium furniture collections, protecting your investment today to continue enjoying tomorrow?  We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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A Crib...for a Lifetime?

If you are just beginning to shop for the perfect nursery furniture, you might be asking yourself, “what is a lifetime (aka 4-in-1 crib), anyway”?  Well, simply put, it’s a crib that converts to toddler bed and then into a full size bed, so that you can use it even after your bambino is no longer a bambino.

I know it’s sometimes hard to think too far ahead when the most immediate thing to be anxious and excited about is meeting that little one for the first time.  BUT, let me tell you, they grow up…and FAST! (trust me!)

So, having a crib that converts to all the stages you need, makes it easy to make one investment, then convert to each stage when you’re ready.

On a personal note, we moved my now 20 month old to her toddler bed when she was 18 months.  It was really simple and she absolutely LOVES being able to crawl into bed (and out) all by herself!  Actually, she was completely giddy over it all, and I’m elated that we never had to experience any type of fall from her trying to climb out of her crib on her own.

Muniré actually designs their cribs as full beds first, since it’s used for a longer period of time in this mode.  Once the design fits our liking, the details on how make it to crib safety standards are next.  There is also special attention given to the footboard, so that when converted, it will not only function as a full bed, but will look beautiful in the room.  So rest assured, when you’re purchasing a Muniré  Lifetime™ 4-in-1 Crib, it will look just as good, if not better as a full-size bed.  And, our sophisticated and stylish designs will literally transform the décor to follow your child from the nursery to college and beyond as an adult guest room.