Summer fun with Baby!

There’s something about summertime that keeps us wanting to stay outdoors and just have fun. Having a baby/toddler shouldn’t take away from summer fun! You can still take advantage of it and engage in some creative playtime with your children this season.


1. Grab a mat, hat, toy of choice, water, snacks, and sunscreen….hit the park! For free** fun this is usually a parent’s first go-to summer location. It’s a great way to meet other parents and have your kid/kids interact with their children. Especially if you are new to the area..parks can be a great way to meet a ‘walking buddy’ and get to know people. You’re in an open space that allows your kids to roam around a bit while being supervised…and gives YOU! (Mom/Dad) some time to interact with adults as well; keeps both parties happy!

2. Splash Fun: Not everyone is comfortable with the ‘pool’ situation when it comes to younger children, and when temperatures rise…you’ll want to find a method of cooling down. Dress baby in a cute swim outfit or something you are not worried about them running (where there’s grass there’s usually dirt) and turn on the lawn sprinklers and let your toddler run through the grass. If you have a small blow up pool, you can use that to keep them occupied while relaxing in the sun.

3. Sidewalk Chalk: It’s inexpensive and easy to clean up. Kids love it!

4. Bubble Time: For as long as we can remember, every kid loves bubbles. It can be made at home with a light soap and water, or purchased at your local dollar store. Its cheap, fun, and always a winner with kids of all ages. (Parents you know you love it too)


bubble fun

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