Report cards are out: what grade did your child earn in sleep?

SleepingchildA good night’s sleep is imperative for proper brain functioning, health, physical efficiency, and even happiness.  But few of us ever consider what our older child is sleeping on.  We obsess over infants and their cribs (for good reason).  We make an expedition over finding the right mattress for ourselves, but what about our tweens and teens?  Come clean: are they sleeping on the old ‘guest’ mattress?

The stress on growing bodies doesn’t decrease as children mature.  In fact, outside of infancy, children do more growing during their early teen years than at any other time in their lives.  Shouldn’t we put some thought into the one item they spend more time on than any other?  No, we’re not talking about  their Xbox…their mattress?

Think about it.  They are up and moving from desk to desk during the day, or sport to sport on the weekend.  They are on and off the couch or dinner table at night.  It is only their mattress that gets them for, hopefully, many hours in a row each night.

So what is your child sleeping on?  There may be good reason to worry.  Fully half of teens say they rarely or never get a good night’s sleep. In fact 67% report waking unrefreshed at least a few nights a week (study at:

Some psychologists attribute poor sleep to the unique anxiety level of Generation Y.  Others to their inability to ‘disconnect’ from their wired world.  Perhaps both are right.  But the much less exciting explanation could be that they aren’t getting the spinal support, temperature control, and tension releasing experience that a premium youth mattress can offer.

So talk to your child.  Then go look under their sheets.  Maybe it is time you consider upgrading their mattress to one made just for them and their uniquely growing body—like a Sopora mattress.

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