Pumpkins and Fall Leaves: Baby's first Halloween!


Playing dress-up with baby for any occasion is always special. With Halloween approaching Mom’s all over the country are gearing up to put their babies and tot’s in some cute & creative wear. Why not make the process fun and personalized by making your own Halloween costume for your little pumpkin! We’ve put together some fun craft ideas for costumes and activities that are appropriate for baby.

DIY’s (Do It Yourself) Activities tend to be avoided by most due to the fear of the task being too ‘difficult’ or ‘time constraining’. Not the case here! We’ve found 3 great simple, non-costly, and quick way’s to make your Baby a stand out costume. With that being said, rule #1 is selecting a design, fabric, or components of the costume that will be COMFORTABLE. Our young ones can’t communicate like we do, so we need to be the judge for them. Does the material feel scratchy or itchy? Will they be too hot or too cold? Is the texture just right so that they can have an option to layer and remove as needed? That’s the main thing Mom’s & Dad’s need to consider during the costume selection process.

1. Onesies! – Every new born has tons of onesies. With frequent changes throughout the day (and sometimes night) it’s one thing we know you have for sure! Want to make your little man into a cowboy? Grab one of his onesies and a sharpie and draw on an image of a badge (to the best of your abilities) adding on whatever else your creative mind wants! Throw on a pair of dark denim jeans, some boots, and use a brown or red scarf-like material to tie gently around the neck with enough room for them to feel comfortable. Now, if your little cow-boy or cow-girl owns a cow-boy hat even better! (Best part is these are all items available to you right at home!)

2. Chef mini-me! – Another great way to make a unique Halloween costume for baby is to make them into a chef! You can use a plain white t-shirt or a onesie…whichever you prefer. If you have a simple at home sewing kit, use 3 or 4 buttons a needle and thread and sew on your choice of unique buttons. If that’s not your thing, take a sharpie or marker and draw on some buttons with one or multiple colors. Every chef needs a name tag so you can also draw one in the right or left hand corner with a fine tip pen/sharpie for flare. Add on some simple black pants or khakis to complete the look. If you’re the parent that’s into plaid, you can also use this to tie around their waist for more style. When its picture time get creative and give them a spatula, cupcake, fruit, or other item of choice for them to hold.

3. Our final quick Halloween costume idea for the ever-busy parent works well especially for little girls. Tutu’s are usually a favorite for little divas. For an upbeat-80’s vibe, put your tot in her favorite go to tutu, some bright leggings, tie a bow in her hair with a side pony tail and you’ve got yourself and 80’s baby!. You can also use the tutu for princess looks, a Tinkerbelle inspired costume, ballerina, and so much more. Who knew that 1 item could allow you to explore so many options!

Next on the list are some great Halloween activities that are crafty, hands on, and keep baby in the loop.

1. You guessed it…. Pumpkin Picking!

Usually everyone in the family enjoys this so if you have other young ones or even older children, it’s a great way to get everyone outside and involved. Every town usually has a pumpkin picking location of some sort so check periodically on your town’s website or via mail for community events. Schools are also usual participants.

2. Make no carve pumpkins.

No need for cleanups or sharp knives with this process. Child friendly water color, paint brush, and some newspaper to protect your floors is all you need. Not only did you take the time to go out and have them pick their own pumpkin…now they get to demonstrate their artistic style too. Anything that brings the family together is always a plus!

3. Read them some not so spooky stories.

Your local library or bookstore should have a selection of Halloween stories that are kid friendly. It’s never too early to start reading and introducing your child/children to the wonders of books.

4. Make easy Halloween crafts together.

Babies may not be old enough to do more difficult crafts, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love it. Finger painting and coloring leaves are easy and safe ways for your baby/toddler to stay engaged during the festivities. Simple white sheets of paper can be used to draw out a ghost pattern with some black dots for the eyes. An adult can cut out the shapes and even hang them on a string to decorate the kitchen, front door, or walk way with your child’s artwork.

Now that you have some additional ideas for the pumpkin picking season, we wish you all a safe, fun, and festive Halloween!




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