New Years Resolutions for Families

2013Ringing in the New Year is often filled with the same question…. What’s your New Year’s Resolution? Some stick to it, some do their best to maintain it throughout the year, while others simply don’t participate. Whatever your decision, if you do decided to have a realistic family-oriented resolution plan, here are some fun-straight forward New Year’s Resolutions that some parents and kids have made to keep the bond of family for 2013!

1.) Declare Family Hangout Day:

Instead of having a designated time that may be difficult to follow due to work, softball practice, homework, or dance recital, find a day bi-weekly or even monthly that the family can have together. Watch a movie, do some karaoke, or even sit around the dinner table and recount some of the highlights of that month. Who knows, it might become a ritual that everyone looks forward to!

2.) Find a reason to CELEBRATE:

Whether big or small, a great way to keep the family aware of each other’s accomplishments is to acknowledge them and celebrate. Johnny made the varsity team…use that time to bake his favorite cake together or make a mural of him in his varsity gear. He’d probable love the attention and more importantly, appreciate the support from loved ones. Same for Mom and Dad if they got a higher position, new job, or decided to start their own business! It’s a great way to keep everyone in the loop and proud of each other!

3.) Less TV…More Outside Time:

With some of the time constraints that so many families have, it’s hard to have a perfect exercise plan or healthy eating regiment. Some families have pledged to have more play time outside as a means of staying healthy and spending time with one another. Need to walk the dog? Take the kids with you! Bundle up and engage in a 15 minute game of basketball or football. It’s a great way to encourage exercise and have fun.

Whatever you decide to do, we hope that it brings your family closer together! Happy New Year Everyone!



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