Investing in a Lifetime Convertible Crib

toddler in bedGone are the days where you had to purchase a crib, then a toddler bed, or a full/queen size bed. Why not have furniture that adjusts to the various stages of your growing child? In today’s society, convenience is more of a necessity and with lifetime convertible furniture from Munire & Echelon, we’ve packaged the perfect blend for growing families. As you contemplate on your purchase, remember that lifetime 4-in-Cribs are an investment. Furniture is like an antique of sorts, and should last and serve you for as long as you need it.

This is why we’ve taken the “crib” experience to new levels. Not only have we designed the collections to grow along with the owner, we also put careful thought into the safety and design elements. Whether your style is transitional, modern, or classic-traditional, we’ve got designs and finishes to fit your taste.

More importantly, Crib-Toddler-Day Bed-Full Size Bed are options that serve your child for an extended period eliminating the need for new furniture which can get very costly.Conversion Kits and Guard Rails assist in the transitioning of the crib during these stages and
offer stability and added security while your child adjusts to a ‘big kid bed.’

Ranging in price, design, and finishes Munire & Echelon Furniture will continue to offer luxury, affordability and convenience at its best. If you’re still considering a lifetime crib, we hope that this insight helps in your decision!


2 comments on “Investing in a Lifetime Convertible Crib

  1. We bought a munire 4 in 1 lifetime crib and now my son wants a twin bed. How do u convert it to a twin bed? We didn’t receive a frame or boards to convert it?

    If you could let me know what we need to do I would greatly appreciate it.

    • Hello Dawn,

      The 4-in-1 cribs convert from crib to toddler bed, day bed, and full size bed. If you are converting to a toddler bed, you would need to purchase a guardrail.For the day bed, you can simply lower the height and use a crib mattress. For the full bed option, you would need to purchase the conversion kit. Fee free to visit our website to purchase these items. For more information, please email us at

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