Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Since 1863 when President Lincoln declared Thanksgiving as a national day of giving thanks for our blessings, the holiday has been a time of gathering family and loved ones and celebrating the simple fact that you are together, that you are alive, and that you have much to be thankful for.


In our busy lives we so often get bogged down in our to-do lists, in the things we so desperately want, or in the problems and gripes of any given day.  But at Thanksgiving, we are provided the opportunity to look past all of that and cherish what we have: those who are sitting around the table with us, sharing in our joy and love.


Meals vary from the gourmet to the traditional, from the overcooked to the under done, but one thing is the same—the thought and love put into every one of them.  It isn’t about the perfect golden turkey; it is about who is eating it.  For those of you reading this blog, more likely that day is even more special.


As new or expectant parents, no one can deny that the day a child comes into our lives, those lives are forever changed.  A couple becomes a family.  A woman or man becomes a mommy or a daddy.  And that lovingly set, tranquil Thanksgiving dinner becomes a fight for sanity as high chairs belly up to the table and the best crystal and china is replaced with BPA free plastic and burp cloths.

Whether you are a parent by birth, adoption, marriage, surrogate or any other possible way under the sun, rejoice this holiday with your family and be thankful for them and what they mean to you.  And if you can take one quiet moment to look past the dry stuffing and shoes piled up at the door, to reflect upon how wonderfully your lives have changed—count that in itself as a blessing.  Because in this harried, hurried, hectic life, we need to embrace happiness at every opportunity.


To all of you, from all of us at Echelon, Munire Furniture and Sopora, we wish you a truly Happy Healthy Thanksgiving!

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