Happy Holidays from Sopora

holiday reaching baby

The holidays are a special time, especially when you’re expecting.  As mother’s ourselves, may we offer a bit of advice on the season?  Breathe deep.  Enjoy yourself. Relax.  There is no perfect mom, there is no perfect pregnancy.  There are simply people, who love deeply, who make mistakes, and who want nothing but the best for their families.

So, today as you look at your list of a million to-dos, smile.  Be thankful for the family that you have things to-do for, and remember that if half of that list doesn’t get done, the holidays will not be ruined.  After all, it isn’t about how sparkling clean the kitchen floor is or if you have a fifth variety of holiday cookie—it is about spending time with your loved ones.

And if you’re pregnant and anticipating how your next holiday will be so dramatically different from this one, relish your dreams and hopes.  Take that moment to sit in the nursery and dream.  And maintain that feeling of peace as you go about your day.  Your baby is experiencing this holiday, too.  Make it a good one.

From all of us at Sopora, we wish you a brilliant holiday season filled with life’s simple pleasures, happiness, health and joy.

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