Give the Expecting Mom Peace of Mind This Mother’s Day

Ask any mom-to-be what she wants for Mother’s day and she’ll likely say something sweet like a foot rub, a charm bracelet, or art for the nursery.  What she is thinking is probably that she wishes you could be pregnant for nine longs months and then go through labor instead of her!  Be that as it may be, this holiday, we’re suggesting you give the mother-to-be in your life a little peace of mind.

Give her a mattress that is clinically proven to provide her child with:

  • Longer periods of uninterrupted sleep
  • Better quality sleep
  • Better temperature control for less mid-sleep wake-ups
  • Increased air flow and oxygenation in the sleep environment

Basically, give her a Sopora PERFECT crib mattress.  Sound self-serving?  No way.  New moms walk around in a sleep-deprived funk after baby arrives.  Believe the moms at Sopora, all mothers themselves, that giving her a couple of extra hours of sleep WILL make all the difference.

The Perfect has so many features to make it worthy of giving to the most important woman in your life.

  • Celliant fabric cover—exclusive only to Sopora
  • CoolGel temperature regulating visco (memory) foam on the toddler side for better support and comfort as baby gets older
  • Babysbreath Airflow technology that pushes air around the mattress and up to the surface to provide increased airflow at the surface
  • The Original ‘seamless’ mattress with-ultrasonically sealed, flat, dropped seams to banish bed bugs, dust mites, leaks, bacteria, and microbes
  • Lightweight design for easy middle of night changes
  • Squared corners and edges for best possible fit in a crib
  • A hypoallergenic, non-off gassing, safe sleep surface
  • All the certifications you could ever want and need
  • And a whole host of other features and benefits designed especially for moms, by Terri Paul, Sopora’s momprenuer

And while we could go on and on about mattresses for pages and pages, to really give peace of mind, you need assurance that you aren’t just being ‘sold’ a  bill of goods from the manufacturer—no matter how much you love the Sopora mommies.  So here it is: our peace of mind offering….

  • The Sopora Perfect crib mattress was recommended as “THE BEST” crib mattress available in the 2013 edition of Baby Bargains—a well-respected, well known consumer’s guide to what you really need and should buy for your baby. (Wondering how the rest of our products did? We earned an “A” across the board).
  • Sopora just won the “Readers Favorite” award for best crib mattresses from Baby & Childrens Product News—a publication devoted to the stores that sell baby and youth products—experts in this field.
  • The Sopora Perfect was selected by the biggest industry trade group as a show highlight and must-see item (in a sea of more than 3,500 exhibitors and tens of thousands of products)
  • And we’ve been highlighted in magazines, won mom’s choice awards, best product for new parents awards, mommy-media awards and so many others

Believe us when we tell you, Sopora mattresses are great—and not just because we say so—but because so many of YOU tell us that they are.  Need a little more assurance? Read some of the testimonials real world parents have sent us

So, this Mothers Day, go ahead and take her to brunch, buy her flowers, and listen to her hopes and dreams for her growing baby—but when she goes to unwrap that gift—make sure the box is a Sopora crib mattress for that new baby—not as pretty as a little blue box from Tiffany, but considerably less expensive and so much more useful.  Your mommy-to-be will thank you and you will be happy you bought it when everyone in your household is sleeping better once the little bundle of joy arrives!

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