Gender-Neutral Nurseries

It’s always fun and exciting when having a baby and you wish to keep the gender a secret. Why? Because it adds to the element of surprise! So many mom’s and dad’s refrain from knowing the gender of their baby and often have difficulties coming up with fun innovative ways to design their little one’s resting place. Not to worry, at Nursery Chatter we’ve got you covered! Here are some tips that will have you stress-free yet modern and chick when bringing home your new bundle of joy!

1. Start small! Select something you absolutely adore and use that as your base. It can be something simple as a rug you saw in a baby store, teddy bear, or even a crib. Having one piece in mind to start with gives you one thing to check off! You don’t have to rush and purchase everything at one time!

2. Once you have a particular item that you wish to model around your nursery, use it in conjunction with a color pallet that’s gender neutral. Stick to tans, creams, pea green, yellow, orange, white, and grey which work across the board. Décor elements that incorporate clouds, birds, monkeys, stars, or sheep can work for both boys and girls. Typically sailor boats, princess crowns and other more specific designs limit what you can do. Remember, once baby is born, you can always add more specific details.

3. Save all of your receipts. You might change your mind about the initial décor which is why you should take your time.  Do your research and find styles that appeal to you and your pocket.

4. Once you’ve decided that there will be a He/She (and you are sticking to the element of surprise) set your baby shower round this theme! If you are planning the shower yourself or know who ‘will’ plan the shower, let them know of your decision. This way when the invitations are sent out, friends and family can give you gifts that work for any gender. If you’ve decided not to have a baby shower, then just inform your co-workers, family and friends and hope that they stick to it! There’s nothing wrong with having little Harry in a pink shirt for a day, but when all 8 of your friends bought daisy themed skirts and hats, you might run into a bit of a problem!

5. When the nursery is complete, pat yourself on the back! Being able to successfully put together baby’s room and stick to not breaking the secret of their gender (even to yourself) is a huge accomplishment.

6. If you are having problems visualizing, here are some nursery’s that worked! Munire’s Safe Side Crib is featured in Project Nursery’s “Gender Neutral Nursery With Monkeys and Birds.” Each angle of the room featured provides a great synopsis of how you can use soft colors in your bedding, wall décor, furniture, and other accessories to achieve a style that is contemporary and appropriate for boy or girl!

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