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Today we are so excited to introduce one of our sister brands, Sopora Sleep Products on the blog.  So now I’m turning it over to Jessica, from the Sopora marketing team to fill you in!

Ever have one of those ideas that you just can’t shake?  An idea that just makes so much sense that it could literally change everything?

We had one too, we’re Sopora Sleep Products, the newest division of Muniré Furniture. And we make the best crib mattresses in the industry.  Let us explain.  It’s actually a good story and it all starts with one woman. Introducing Terri Paul, division Chief Operating Officer of Sopora.

Terri  is a mother of four–and, pretty much, our hero.  When she became pregnant with her first child, she happened to be intimately involved in the adult medical mattress industry.  She knew that hospitals had incredibly high standards for mattresses for wear, health-related materials, and manufacturing practices. So when she went crib mattress shopping–she was basically shocked by the lack of standards and basic safety features for our tiniest citizens.  That day, she became a one woman revolution for changing the crib mattress industry.  She spent more than a decade developing her product and bringing it to market.  She founded Moonlight Slumber and was its president for seven years developing a great mattress. 

But Terri knew that a great mattress is one thing, but making a mattress that is also good for the environment is just as important to our children’s future.  So she left Moonlight Slumber and founded Sopora Sleep Products. With the backing of Muniré Furniture, Terri once again was able to follow her dream and throw herself into R&D to make the best product on the market even better.  Using her well-honed expertise, and the talents of her ‘all-mom’ staff, she kept the best of her former product and improved on the rest.  She improved the materials used inside the mattress and met with countless parents, shop owners, manufacturers and child protection groups to hone it into mattress nirvana.  The result is an incredible blend of smart features made in an eco-conscious way. 

In Latin, the word Sopora means bringing deep sleep.  That is the goal of Sopora.  Bringing deep sleep for babies and their parents.

Next time, we’ll begin a dialougue about mattresses and what makes Sopora so special.  But in the mean time, if you want to learn more about Terri or Sopora, please visit our website.

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