Falling into Spring: Baby Shower Style!

It’s Spring Time! Trees are starting to bloom, and the overall excitement for warm weather is back!

spring baby shower

For all the Mom’s and Dad’s expecting a little one this season, what greater way to celebrate the joy of life than an outside Spring Baby shower! It’s the perfect way to celebrate a new arrival on a budget. Cross out space rental, per plate fees, etc. and tap into your creative side with these ideas to create a successful Spring Baby shower filled with laughter, great conversation, games, great weather, and you guessed it….GIFTS
1.) You don’t have to look too far for set up necessities. Grab some lounge chairs and place them outside as you like. Having different types of chairs even creates for a better element of style. Feel free to bring a side table, throw on a sparkly or eccentric piece of fabric and top it off with a tea light or whatever baby decor you would like to use. Makes for a cute tête-à-tête!

2.) To keep everyone mingling and entertained, try to select games that are geared towards the group attending. Consider age, gender, and the time frame of each game. If you want to keep everyone engaged, have something that isnt’ too long. Any hands-on activity is great so be as creative as possible.

3. ) For refreshments, have 2 or 3 long tables that can seat 5-7 people (if possible).

4.) Bright colors will brighten up the atmosphere so grab some center pieces from in your home and place them at the entrance, on tables, etc. You can stick to the “theme” that you choose and still have a piece of your personal style. If you have a fenced in yard, you can even hang some lights around and clip on pacifiers, rattles, etc.

5.) What makes a great baby shower? The parents to be, food, music, great conversation, nice weather, and games make for an awesome Spring Baby Shower! (And of course… GIFTS!)

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