Decorating For Two: Twice The Fun!

Decorating a nursery for twins can be overwhelming especially if you don’t know the sex. To
help ease the process of selecting color themes, here are some tips!

Twin Girls: If you are going the traditional route, Pink is
always what comes to mind. But don’t be afraid to mix it up. You can still use a solid base like White, Tan, or Grey, and use Pink accents like a mirror or area rug for a burst of color!twin black n white

Twin Boys: Grey, Green, Orange, Brown, Yellow, Navy…almost every color works
for a boy themed nursery. It depends on what you want the focal point
be. If you want to keep it neutral and allow the decor to grow with
them, stick to Grey’s and Tan’s. This way you can add and remove accents
to their liking

Girl and Boy: Yellow, Pea-Green, Purple, White, Grey, Tan, and  Orange are all great colors for this set of twins.
Navy blue with hot pink accents allow the nursery to have a pop of color that’s stylish yet not too overwhelming

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