Celebrate Earth Day Like a Child!

Kids are naturally drawn to natural science and the environment.  In honor of Earth Day, consider celebrating the planet with your little one.  Here are some great kid-oriented projects to put you in the mood from the About.com Earth Day guide

  • Create a papier-mâché globe.  What kid doesn’t like getting a little dirty and have something lasting to show for it.  Consider highlighting your home or places you’ve been, or where your child’s favorite animals come from.
  • Make recycled animal sculptures from egg cartons or craft sticks—or use clay or sculpty-dough!
  • Visit your local zoo, aquarium or botanical gardens or even your yard.  Be sure to look low for the bugs kids love and up high for the birds and clouds in the air.  Even a walk around your neighborhood can be an educational outing exploring nature: talk about recycling, lawn care, even types of plants or trees.
  • Color a picture or read a book about the environment (Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax, for example!)
  • Or consider planting a tree, seed or flower.  Even the smallest child can plant a petunia!  Just be sure not to let them put the flowers in their mouths.

Children love nature.  They are forever curious about animals, rain, stars, and everything that blooms and doesn’t.  This Earth Day, or all year ‘round, take a moment to help your children understand their importance to the world and how what they do, and what all of us can do, affects the world in very real ways.

And be a good example for them.  As we can all attest, when a child starts to speak, their first words are mimics of our own.  So be a good steward for Planet Earth.  From recycling to shopping smart, your actions can help set the stage for an environmentally-conscious child.

Sopora Sleep Products, Inc., a division of Muniré Furniture, shares your concern about the health of our planet.  Our mattresses are made primarily with plant-based eco-friendly foam.  The production process of this material actually has a positive carbon footprint—meaning it is good for the environment instead of being a detriment.  This eco-friendly foam is 100% renewable and meets medical standards for support and hypoallergenic properties.  Further, Sopora products are free of harmful chemicals and off-gassing that can pose a hazard to your children.  One more benefit?  Sopora mattresses are made in America meeting environmental production standards and requiring less shipping, and therefore creating less of an environmental burden on Mother Earth.

Celebrate Earth Day in style this year.  You can be sure that all of us at Sopora will be digging in the dirt with our kids or will be sharing the fun as we’re up to our elbows in gunk right along with you.  After all, we’re moms, too!

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