Baby's First Birthday!!!

The first birthday! Mom, Dad…you’ve made it through the first year so pat yourselves on the back!!  Learning how to change diapers, giving baths, watching them sit up, babble, and even walk for the first time are some of the countless precious moments you’ve shared with your little one(s).

Let’s not forget that this is a special time for your child(children) as well because they have grown into their bodies while learning about their senses, environment, and even you!! Whether big or small… planning that first birthday gives you a chance to acknowledge them, yourselves, and the family members that helped you along the way (someone was called in for help babysitting along the way you know its true!).

However you wish to plan this special day … REMEMBER THIS:

1.) Set it at a time that’s not before nap-time or too late in the evening. With other parents and children coming roughly around that have to be considerate of their moods so between 2-3:30 works best. Just in case..if the celebration is at home, have a room ready in case someone gets sleepy or cranky *And always have an adult with them so that they are supervised*

2.) Have a mixture of finger foods for the adults and easy make sandwiches or gold fish ready so that the kids don’t have to go through the process of plating food. Makes it easy for both parent and child.

3.) Have enough toys/giveaways for everyone! The worst scenario is running out of a game piece or toy because there’s not enough. For this..go light on your pockets and purchase items you can afford to get multiple of.

4.)Set parameters so that no one is going into places that they can’t be found. It’ll keep you and other parents at ease regarding the safety of their children. babys first birthday pink balloons

5.)Keep the cake simple. A lot of children have food allergies to fruits, peanut butter, etc so going with a Vanilla flavor with a simple frosting works best!

And there you have it..5 tips to make your child’s birthday celebration a blast. Cheers!!




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