Babies Sleep Better on a Sopora

Jessica, from Sopora’s marketing team is back to share an in depth look at why it’s so important to consider the type of crib mattress you buy for your nursery.

Mattresses aren’t a glamorous topic.  When we’re first pregnant and begin planning our nurseries, we are so excited about picking out the colors, the style, the wood tones and bedding–that mattresses probably never even enter our heads.  This phase of planning is romantic and filled with dreams of how the room will affect our tiny blessing.  Then as the pregnancy progresses, we start buying the gear: strollers, high chairs, car seats.  This phase is filled with research and technology and we stress over how not having a particular feature might keep junior out of that perfect ivy league college. Finally, when our bodies are huge, we start looking at tiny clothes, first toys, even the cutest diapers we’ve ever seen. We organize.  We plan.  We measure.  But did we even consider the mattress or did we just buy the one that ‘came’ with the crib? 

A crib mattress may be the only item in your nursery that actually has more actual physical contact with your baby than you!  Think about it.  Infants spend the majority of their very first weeks sleeping.  Sleeping in your arms.  Sleeping in the car.  Sleeping in their crib, cradle or bassinet.  And while eventually they start getting more active during the day, for the first two years of their young lives–half (or more) of their hours will be spent sleeping on their mattress.  Shouldn’t you make this purchase with eyes wide open?  Or at least think about it for the same amount of time you spent laboring over the perfect paint or fabric swatch? 

One reason mattresses may be overlooked is that, quite honestly, it is a little overwhelming to make a sound decision.  All organic or Medically Approved? Innerspring or Foam?  Something traditional like your mother may have used or a more modern approach?  Once you start peeling away the layers, there is a lot to learn. 

In Latin, the word Sopora means bringing deep sleep, and that is the goal of Sopora.  Bringing deep sleep for babies and their parents.

In the next installment, we’ll begin detailing what exactly makes a Sopora mattress and why they are simply incredible.  But to convince you to check them out now, consider this: Sopora mattresses are ergonomically designed, smart, and innovative.  They support where they should.  They protect as they must.  And they clean like a dream.  Made in the USA of environmentally healthy products, they are the ideal mix of innovative engineering and industry leading safety standards.

Learn more by visiting our website today.  And if you really want the scoop, talk to your speciality store, call Sopora, or even our Chief Operating Officer, Terri, herself.  You’ll be amazed at what you don’t know about mattresses–and what that could mean for your child!

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