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Want a chance to win a $3,500 prize package  from Sopora and Echelon? Then, enter our American Dream Nursery Giveaway today and you could win on April 22nd, 2012.

Winners will be announced on the BabyTalk 360 Program on April 22, 2012.

In honor of moms and dads everywhere, tell us why you will be a great parent or what being a great parent means to you and you’ll be entered in our dream nursery giveaway.


Working in conjunction with BabyTalk 360 one lucky winner will receive the beautiful Cambridge Collection Suite: Crib, Double Dresser and Hutch from Echelon .  This elegant collection is made in the USA and offers a high quality modern Bordeaux finish–perfect for any nursery.

To make this dream complete, Sopora  is offering their finest crib mattress: the Ultimate.  This six inch deep, dual sleep surface mattress features medical grade, eco-friendly foams including an Open Flow Visco foam on the toddler side.  Unique features like flat Baby Safe seams, Quality (non-plastic) ticking, and fireproof, waterproof, bed bug proof, even dust mite proof design make this the perfect complement to your new furniture. The winner will also receive Sopora’s organic cotton crib mattress cover, our contoured changing table pad, and premium changing pad cover.

How can you enter to win?  Follow these three simple steps.

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2) Tell us in 300 words or less, “What it means to be a great parent”.  Or, if you’re nominating someone you love, “Why they will be a great parent.”  Post your entries here in the comments section or email them to

3) Visit the Nursery Chatter blog again beginning April 15th to see if your entry was chosen by our partners.  If it was, invite all of your friends and family to vote like crazy.  The entry with the most votes by Midnight on April 21st, 2012 will win the Dream Nursery Giveaway package!

The rules:

1)      All entries must be received by midnight EST on 4/14/2012.

2)      All entries will be reviewed by the marketing partners of this giveaway and six will be selected for voting beginning 4/15/2012.

3)      Voting will begin on 4/15/2012 at noon, EST.

4)      Votes will be restricted to two votes per IP address per day during the voting period.

5)      The entry receiving the most votes by midnight EST on 4/21/2012 will win the complete Dream Nursery Giveaway package. In case of tie, marketing partners will select one winner.

6)      All nominated parents or entrants must be over 18 years of age by April 22nd, 2012.

7)      All entrants or nominated parents must reside in the United States or Canada.

8)      All essays, whether selected for voting or not, become the property of Nursery Chatter and may be used in marketing materials or future promotions.

9)      Winner will be required to pay any applicable taxes.

10)   Prize will be shipped to the closest Echelon authorized dealer to winner’s address.  Winner will be responsible for transport from that pickup location.

11)   Winner will be required to submit a photo and name for publicity use.

12)   No cash value


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  1. The first step in being a truly Great parenting is to admit you simply can’t be a great parent-without help from others. That truth is both humbling and freeing. Remember the experience of our parents, friends and family to help guide us through the process. Being a parent is one of the most fulfilling experiences a person can have. The most important thing a parent can give their child, however, is a sense of being loved. Avoid comparing your children to others, especially siblings. Each child is individual and unique. Celebrate their differences and instill in each child the desire to pursue their interests and dreams. Failure to do so may give your child an inferiority complex, an idea that they can never be good enough in your eyes. Teach your children that it is okay for them to be different, and they do not have to follow the crowd. Teach them right from wrong when they are young, and they will be able to make their own decisions, instead of listening to/following others.From time to time we all are making mistakes while bringing up our children – on purpose or involuntarily. We may even regret for not having acted in a different way. Sometimes our mistakes are insignificant, therefore we forget about them and our kids forgive us. We must teach our kids to see real values, live according to those values and respond properly to different situations. Children should never underestimate their abilities and the abilities of the other people. Keep in mind that your life is an example for your kids, the most effective way to influence them. To be a good parent doesn’t mean to be a perfect one. A good parent is a conscientious person who works hard to bring up his child. Work and your labour will be rewarded! To be a parent is a real art and it is critical to master this art. And if you learn how to live and work with the kids your life will undoubtedly be happy!

  2. Imagine a young woman enjoying life the way youth should be enjoyed, every moment taken for granted and not one opportunity missed. Well that was me before I became Mom.

    MOM , wow! Such a small word with so much meaning. On January 24th 2004 was the first time I was blessed with the experience. My son was born after 9 long months, 26 hours of labor and a bit of a scare, but once he was placed in my arms I felt it. That feeling of unconditional love. It was the first time I really understood the meaning of that statement.

    As the days and years went by my son grew to walking, talking, and doing some of the funniest things I had ever seen, I realized more and more that this was my calling in life. I have since gone on to have two more boys and I am now blessed to be expecting twin boys.

    My years are defined by seasons such as baseball, basketball and hockey. But these are just the few joys spent with my boys. My nights are still sleepless, but I am always needed and always wanted, whether for a moment or for hours. They are my pride and joy and they are irreplaceable.

    I am there to kiss boo boos, hug them when they are sad, pick them up when they fall, cheer them on in all aspects of their lives, teach them right from wrong, show them the right direction, be firm yet caring, protect them not shelter them and hope, like every parent in this world, that what they learn from me and my efforts are enough for them to grow and adapt to become the best that they can be in all of lifes challenges and future endeavors. This is the foundation that makes me mom!

  3. We as Americans, consider the parent-child relationship to be of fundamental importance. However, there is a difference between a parent and a “great” parent. To be a parent one must simply beget or give birth to a child, but to be a “great” parent, one must also nurture and contribute in the raising of that child.

    • “Great” parents understand that they have a solemn responsibility to love and care for their children, to provide for their physical and spiritual needs, to teach them to love and serve one another, and be law-abiding citizens wherever they live. For, “children are an heritage of the Lord” (Psalm 127:3).
    • “Great” parents establish successful families by maintaining principles of faith, forgiveness, respect, love, compassion, work, and wholesome recreational activities.
    • “Great” parents preside over their families in love and righteousness, nurture their children, and responsibly provide the necessities of life and protection for their families.

    Hence, “great” parents are “great” because they understand what it takes to be “great”, establish, and preside over their family; and, successfully help one another as partners in rearing their children. Being that we, as parents to be, strive to be “great” we welcome the opportunity to preside over our newly established family.

    We welcome our first bundle of joy not only because they come after having lost a baby, nor because it came as hope during great turmoil and sadness, but because we believe that each child is a gift. We understand that challenges come in rearing a family, but have faith and count on each other’s support. We have prepared, but also understand that “great” parents need to be able to handle the unexpected. “Great” parents set their expectations high, but know when they fall short, and right now we’d appreciate winning this contest!

  4. To be a great parent means to:

    -Guide your children in the right direction
    -Teach them right from wrong
    -Teach them to respect their elders
    -Kiss their boo boos and make it alright again
    -Hold their hand when they cross the street
    -Hold them at night when they have a bad dream
    -Let your children make mistakes, and help them make it right
    -Teach them healthy eating habits
    -Let your kids be their own person, but help set them up for success
    -Teach them that hard work and persistence pays off and that if they fail, to pick themselves back up and try again

    Most importantly, being a GREAT parent means giving your children unconditional love and letting them know that no matter how many mistakes they make and how hard they fall, you will always love them and pick them back up.

    My boyfriend and I will make great parents because we were raised with very good values and morals. We are expecting our first child…unexpected child…in May, and although it’s been a fairly rough start already, we know that sometimes the best things in life are unexpected; and we are going at this with open, loving hearts! Winning this contest would be the most appreciated thing right now because we haven’t bought furniture yet since finances are running a bit short.

  5. Being a great parent is giving your children the gift of an amazing childhood. Reveling in the simple things Giving them something beautiful to carry them on though to adulthood, with fond memories and a firm foundation for the future. Knowing you were always there by their side cheering them on, and that you will continue to do so through every venture they undertake. Being a great parent is simply purposefully participating in the blessedness of being little.

  6. I am nominating my son and daughter inlaw for this contest as I have witnessed great parenting by both of them. I had my son when I was 16 years old and it was very challenging to be so young and I made many parenting mistakes along the way (everyone does).

    My son and his wife have 3 children and twins due in July, might I add they are all boys. I can be honest here and say that to watch them with their children makes me extremely happy and proud of how attentive they are to the childrens need and every day requirements.

    I have witnessed over the years how well the children are with their interaction with others, how they like to be involved and how all 3 of them take part (this is without being told or scolded to) in helping out Mom with housekeeping and they are only 8, 4 and just about 2. They make their beds, clean up the toys and sweep or wipe up the counters. You only get this type of commitment when your children are brought up properly and without force. Oh ya, and they are all happy well behaved ‘boys’.

    My son and daughter inlaw also maintain full time jobs and with the twins coming soon I wanted to nominate them to have a chance to win this beautiful prize package for them, which would help them out (and also make the babies room look wonderful) .

    Unconditional love is a meaning which alot of people don’t understand or never experience. Both my son and his wife have been brought up this way and it is being extended to their boys, which will one day make them great parents as well. How we are raised as youngers comes back to us in our aging years and to look back, I did do a great job at parenting as my son is an excellent father and he met the perfect women to be an excellent mother. That’s all a parent can ask for – solid family values.

  7. I’m entering this contest for my daughter Kristen Visser. Kristen is expecting my first grand child on September 22nd 2012. With great excitement and anticipation we a wait the arrival of this new addition to the family tree. From the time of Kristen’s childhood I recognized the fine qualities she possesses. Always caring and nurturing whomever came to befriend her. Most of those childhood friends are still by her side and she continues to nurture them with unconditional caring and compassion. When Kristen was three her brother Darren was born and eleven months later, her brother Branden was born. I had my hands full but was totally amazed at the way in which Kristen, at such a young age, stepped in to a motherly role quite by nature. Always by my side ready to lend a hand and never far from her baby brothers.Making supper one night, I remember smiling to myself as, I heard her scolding them for having touched a collectible on one of my shelves. I would often have to remind Kristen of her role as sister but I realized she couldn’t help it. Being motherly comes naturally to Kristen and I can’t wait to see this baby arrive. A very lucky child, I may add, as they will have the finest mother a child could ever have.

  8. Six years ago God blessed me with my miracle Gianna. Everything looked great my entire pregnancy, but a few hours after birth we noticed she couldnt breathe. She had choanal atresia, she had solid bone in her nose and couldnt breathe except through her mouth, which is a miracle she survived birth they said because its infants natural instinct to breathe through their noses only the first few weeks of life. After surgery at only five days old and a three week stay at Egelston we were told she had something called C.H.A.R.G.E syndrome. It is to in depth to fit into 300 words or less but we were told she would be tube fed, blind, deaf and mentally retarded. We brought her home on a tube, and after five months was able to drink formula thickened, and after one year she could eat regularly. She is now one of the smartest Kindergartner i know. She wears one hearing aid, but hears great with it, she is legally blind and no surgery can correct that, so she wears glasses for protection, but you would never know that girl cant see well because she is afraid of NOTHING, lol. The point is, she is my miracle. I grew as a person because of the kind of strength and patience and love i had to have for her, to help her along the way. I cant imagine one day before she was placed in my life, and i wouldnt want to imagine one days without her in it. She is the kindest, and funniest liitle girl i know, and she amazes me even more every day. I learned to appreciate things SO much more with a special needs child. Four months ago we welcomed our second son into this world. He is healthy, and he is Giannas best friend. She is the best big sister in the world, and the two of them make my world complete. Sorry i know this is probably way over 300 words but i tried to make it as short as possible. I dont think there is a way to write about your love for your children even if you were given unlimited space:)

  9. To be a GREAT parent is to love unconditionally. To embrace your child(ren) often and remind them of how special they are. To encourage your child(ren) to meet their potential and embrace all life challenges and obstacles that come along the way.

    To be a GREAT parent is to recognize that each day brings something new and to celebrate all the little things that many people take for granted.

    To be a GREAT parent is to inspire your children to be the best they can be and to nurture qualities of love, acceptance, tolerance, and respect.

    The be a GREAT parent is to make lasting memories with your children, that will last long beyond your time.

    To be a GREAT parent is to love unconditionally. My son is the greatest blessing I could ever have. He is my heart and soul and means more to me than I can convey in words. He is named after one of the most incredible men that I have ever known, my father who is no longer here with us. I hope that I can raise my son to be just as incredible a person as my dad was. My dad taught me to forgive, to love, and to be a good person. He faced more life challenges than anything should ever have to. He never acted disadvantaged in any way and showed me that no matter how difficult something may be, it can be done. He was my cheerleader, and a phenomenal role model. He was a GREAT parent and had GREAT parents too. I hope to be as GREAT a parent as my dad and his parents.

  10. Being a great parent to me is not only loving with all your heart, giving all you can give, protecting and teaching every day. Its also about learning and growing with your child, mine has taught me so much.

    You never know how much being a parent will change your life and once you experience it you wonder how you ever lived without them. Every moment of every day is new and special and creating those memories not only for yourself but for your child is the greatest gift of all. Being a great parent is whatever you make it. So I try to make it full of love, caring, understanding and learning.

  11. I would like to nominate one of my really good friends and her boyfriend who are expecting their first child in May.

    I think they would make great parents because they are very loving towards each other and have a lot of love to give to their child. Being a great parents means to be devoted, loving, and understanding, and these two are. I know they will be very devoted to everything their child needs and love and understand him even when he makes mistakes.

  12. Whether born of your body or your heart, the moment your child is placed in your arms, the journey in parenting begins. There is no handbook, manual, or map. As a parent, I lay the foundation for the rest of his life. I won’t be perfect, but will strive each day to become closer to what I believe it means to be a great parent.

    Great parents instill in their child a sense of well being and self worth. They tell him he is loved for who he is and how blessed they are to have him in their lives. He will come to realize how special and unique he is and will look for the good in others.

    A child’s first teacher is his parent. Great parents will encourage natural curiosity. They will search with the child for answers to his many questions and relish in the excitement of discovery. A life-long thirst for knowledge will serve a child well. Great parents will set an example by being involved with a child’s curriculum and educational interests.

    Great parents provide a moral compass, imparting a sense of what is right and wrong. This will lead to individual self-control and later a realization of societal laws and how they affect the world he lives in. They discipline with love and compassion, taking the time to extract the moral from the behavior.

    Not afraid to admit mistakes, great parents will say “I was wrong,” “I’m sorry,” and “Please forgive me.” This shows the child vulnerability, teaches forgiveness, and plants the seeds of empathy.

    Great parents encourage their children to be children. To play, have fun, dance, laugh, and be silly.

    Great parents look inside of themselves, find the rest of their lives, and selflessly give it to their children.

  13. I have written this response on behalf of my good friend Josefina.
    What it means to be a great parent involves several components. Psychosocially speaking, children should have a parent, or caregiver who is keenly attuned to their needs. These needs can include feeding and changing, but more importantly providing them with a natural emotional bond. Being a great parent is an ongoing process that takes time and patience. It takes an individual to sacrifice at times his or her wants for the well being of their child. A good parent does not judge, but rather finds solutions to assist their child in need. It takes a selfless, loving person to accept this special calling.

  14. I emailed my response in. (But never got a confirmation that it was received……) Hope you got it! Thanks!

  15. To be a great parent means to love, listen, learn, teach, share, care.

    To be a great parent means getting down on your hands and knees to play with your children to give them horsey rides.

    To be a great parent means you set rules and boundaries, but allow your children to break them if they want to and to comfort them when they suffer the consequences of doing so.

    To be a great parent is to lead by example, allow your children the freedom to become self-reliant, but to always be their safe haven in times of trouble.

  16. I am nominating my daughter .I see her her glow every time she look’s at her little one.She is so great with the him,you can see the love.Being a great parent mean’s being a good role model.Show them love,and they’ll give it back.Teach them way’s of life. If you want your child to listen to you ,show them you will listen to them
    I believe being a good parent is always being there for your child no matter

  17. Great parents make great people. Children become great adults because they had great parents who made a life-long investment, parents who have dedicate themselves to their children, and their children’s children, etc. Great people exist in this world because they had great parents who’ve walked along them, constantly teaching, stimulating, and yes, even disciplining their children, so that they too become great parents one day.

    I am fortunate to say that I had a great mother. A mother who nurtured her children and helped build better human beings, a mother who came home after a long day of work and who sat down to read with her children, laugh with her children, love and embrace her children. We would see my mother marching down our stairwell every morning in her construction boots, a tool belt—a hammer hanging from its side—and yet she still found the time to cook, sacrificing everything her own to give all the best to her children. My mother instilled in us the values of leadership, charity, and discipline, that if we wanted something we needed to be ready to make sacrifices to get it. My mother was able to put up with the strife of her life, being a single parent, unable to continue her education, and even taking care of her own ailing parents, and never once asked for anything in return, not even a ‘thank you.’ A light hovered over her shoulders; likewise, I see that warmth that I once saw emanating from my mother’s shoulders in my older sister Josefina. Josefina is expecting her first born, and after the recent passing of my mother, even though she will not be able to walk along us, I know Josefina will be a great parent, because my mother instilled this greatness in us.

  18. Some of life’s most valuable lessons cannot be bought or taught in school. Rather they are taught through your actions, especially with children since they learn by watching others. When my niece was born my sister and her husband had very little. To make ends meet, her husband worked the night shift after dad duty all day. My sister attended school full time, studying at night, while watching her daughter. However, through their tough times they never once complained, choosing instead to recognize what they had and focus on things that brought them joy.
    They learned to be extremely resourceful in stretching their budget. Though even when they didn’t have, my sister still found ways to give. My sister has a kind, generous heart. With a deep passion for animals, she will stop and take the time to help any animal. She enjoys helping the community and when her daughter was really young, would take her along to help give back during the holidays. Also, recognizing the beauty in things like playing in the rain, painting while knowing more paint will be on you than the paper and baking cookies even if it means flour covered handprints everywhere, these are just some of the things they always take the time to do.
    Through these experiences, my niece has learned the value of giving back to others, love and respect for the beauty of nature, people and animals. The ability to recognize the importance of dying values such as these, are some of the things that make a great parent.
    Though they have come a long way in 5 years, they are still establishing their home. As they prepare for the arrival of their newest family member, I would love the opportunity to make one thing easier with this nursery set.

  19. Being a great parent means raising your children with love, kindness and patience. Teaching by example is the most powerful tool in a parent’s repertoire, being a great parent means showing your children how to live. And most importantly, being a great parent means raising your children to be functioning, upstanding social citizens!

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